Dave Sergeant

This is another walk from the Inner London Ramblers, a rather pleasant stroll through Islington to Clissold Park and Stoke Newington. Despite being in a built up area there was a surprising amount of greenery, largely following the route of the New River. The New River, completed in 1613 to carry water down to London from Hertfordshire, still does this to Stoke Newington but the lower reaches are not now used for that purpose.

The walk starts from Angel underground station. After a good journey up to Waterloo I used the Waterloo and City line then the Northern line to arrive here at 10.30. The bustle here was soon over as I turned into Duncan Terrace Gardens, a pleasant area of woodland between the city streets which follows the route of the New River, covered over here in 1861.

The gardens continue for a while further. A short diversion took me to Camden Passage where an Antiques Market is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The essayist Charles Lamb lived at 64 Colebrook Row. Then St Mary's Church where I got a bit confused with the directions but that meant I saw more of it before reaching the small Little Angel theatre.

Astey's Row Rock Garden with a busy children's play area half way along. Then into New River Walk where the river is now on the surface and another pleasant area

An old brick watch hut on the river then another pleasant stretch. The water is not at its best at the moment with lots of duck weed but there is a project to improve this.

A diversion takes us to Canonbury, dominated by the 16th century Canonbury Tower which has a long and interesting history. Adjacent the magnificant Canonbury House and to the left a house where Sir Basil Spence lived.

More pleasant gardens alongside Compton Terrace to reach Highbury Corner.

After passing Highbury and Islington station and a busy shopping area Highbury Fields is reached, the largest open space in Islington. At the entrance is a memorial to those who lost their lives in the Boer War. Then through the fields which was very pleasant.

Then through the private Aberdeen Park estate with pleasant tree lined roads. Then a few suburban roads until Clissold Park is reached which I am familiar with from the Capital Ring. The former pumping station, now the Castle Climbing Centre, is visible in the distance.

The New River as it flows through Clissold Park. Then Clissold House and the spire of the new church in Stoke Newington. I continued into Stoke Newington where I lunched in a restaurant before making my way to the station there and the journey home.

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