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The 52 mile Green Chain Walk, London's first long distance footpath, opened in 1977. The network links together the open spaces in the great arc of protected, undeveloped land with a total area of 4,500 acres, that sweeps around South East London from Crystal Palace to the Thames at Erith and Thamesmead. I followed the maps and guidance from the Inner London Ramblers website. Although I have walked parts before this is my project for 2024.

Section 8 - Mottingham to Beckenham Place Park - 11th April 2024

Section 8 is the southerly of two routes between Mottingham and Beckenham Place Park. I had originally planned to combine this with section 10 but I ran out of time. Starting from Mottingham I also repeated the first part of the section that I had covered two weeks earlier.

So arriving at Mottingham station I made my way again along to start of the section in Mottingham Lane then along the footpath and River Quaggy down to Marvels Lane. The mud I encountered two weeks ago had largely dried out.

Reaching Marvels Lane I walked along this then another short section of road before entering the pleasant Railway Children Walk, named after Edith Nesbit, the author of the novel, who lived around here.

Crossing the railway line the large Hither Green Cemetery is seen. Railway Children Walk continues the other side.

There is now a lengthy bit of road walking through Downham which offers good views of Canary Wharf. Afterwards into Downham Woodland Walk, a pleasant wooded area between the houses.

The woodland walk continues for some way before reaching the busy Bromley Road.

Along the rather quieter Old Bromley Road to Beckenham Place Park. Work was being carried out here and the original gate and signs had been removed and it was not obvious this was the entrance. I wrongly went down the next path which led to a football ground before being redirected by a friendly chap.

Into the park where I crossed the Ravensbourne and into the pleasant woodland.

Crossing the railway line brought me into the western section of the park. The Mounded Garden, an artificial hill, is a recent addition. Then a nice walk through the park to reach the junction with section 9.

A view of the central lake, then on to the mansion. I had intended to continue along section 10 from here but since it was nearly 2pm I decided to call it a day so made my way along the waymarked route to Beckenham Hill station and the train back to Blackfriars where I lunched at Doggetts before heading home.

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