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The Green Link Walk is the latest of the London walks from TFL and is 15 miles long running from Walthamstow down to Peckham in four sections. It differs from the other walks in that it is designed to be inclusive, walkable by anybody including wheelchair users, prams and buggies. As such it tries to keep to firm footpaths and avoids bridges and stiles. So although it is called a green walk it avoids most of the parks and woodlands that give the rest of the walks their attraction.

I used the guidance from Inner London Ramblers which I found fairly comprehensive. Their guides also offer a few alternative routes to nearby places of interest. At least for the moment I followed the official route throughout.

Section 2 - Lea Bridge to Angel Islington - 15th May 2024

Continuing my walk of the Green Link walk, section 2 starts outside Lea Valley Ice Centre then runs past several parks to reach the Regents Canal in Islington. This time I followed a few of the suggested short diversions via these parks and found that very worthwhile.

Arriving at Lea Bridge station at around 1115 I walked along to the bus stop outside the Ice Centre and continued to the bridge over the river Lea. There was the Princess of Wales where I had intended to eat last time.

Along the towpath for a short while following the route of the Capital Ring and the Lea Valley walk. Then into Millfields Park.

Millfields Park is the site of the Battle of Hackney in AD 527. Now a large park and quite pleasant. Halfway across by a large substation the route is blocked by works, easily walked around, to reach the exit on the other side. A lengthy stretch of Millfields Road follows.

At the end is Clapton Pond. The official route goes round the outside but walking through it is most important, a lovely oasis with water fountain and bridge buried in the suburban estate.

A stretch of Downs Road takes me to Hackney Downs, another large suburban park. Here I followed the official route along one side whereas if I had followed the suggested alternative I would have seen much more including the Hounds of Hackney, which is not a pub as I thought, rather a mosaic of dogs on a wall designed by the local dogs home. I got a little confused with the directions on leaving the Downs, not helped by signposts that had been twiddled round, and went the wrong direction on Downs Park Road, through more roadworks, before correcting myself.

More road walking then a short diversion through Clapton Square and then the grounds of St John at Hackney. Admiral Beaufort, of Beaufort Scale fame, is buried here but I failed to find his tomb. The official route passes all these by, a shame.

The Walled Garden, behind the church, also bypassed by the Green Link.

More street walking then into Reading Road by the Hackney Town Hall. A few more roads then into London Fields.

Through and across London Fields, ancient common grounds.

Then a longish stretch of Albion Drive with a short diversion through the pleasant Albion Square. Under the railway alongside Stonebridge Gardens then along St Peter's Way.

A diversion through the delightful De Beauvoir Square. Afterwards a long stretch of not very interesting street walking.

Eventually I reach the Regents Canal and walk along it for a short stretch. Again the official route bypasses it along the street, in fairness some would stuggle with the steep steps down and up at each end. Section 2 ends where the canal ducks into the Islington Tunnel. Here I stopped for lunch at The York before catching the tube back to Waterloo from Angel station.

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