Dave Sergeant

This walk is based on a longer one starting at Blackwater published by the Ramblers which I had to abandon due to one of the bridges across the Blackwater being closed. It follows the same route but starting at Sandhurst station. It is a pleasant walk through Wellington College, East Berkshire Golf Club and then Gorrick Wood which I have previously walked.

I caught the bus to Sandhurst where I arrived just before 10am by the Village Inn, formerly called the New Inn. Then when the main road goes under the railway line at the station turned off into Scotland Hill.

Sandhurst and Yateley Methodist Church and opposite Sandhurst Well, erected according to the rather faded inscription in memory of Harriet Walter Vyvyan Connel who died in August 1874.

After a short walk I turned off into a narrow footpath leading to and crossing the railway line that I would follow for most of my walk.

After a short stretch of residential streets the route turns north and then skirts the grounds of Wellington College which are extensive. A line of trees was planted in 2003 to celebrate the College's 150th anniversary.

The college even has its own private footbridge over the railway line to access sports fields on the other side

Crowthorne Station is passed. Crossing Dukes Ride the East Berkshire Golf Club is entered.

After crossing the greens of the golf club the access road to the Ravenswood Settlement is followed up to Nine Mile Ride.

A pleasant wooded path running parallel to the ride shields most of the noise for a while but then the ride proper has to be followed.

Nine Mile Ride is left just before the railway bridge and Gorrick Wood is entered. I am now on familiar territory.

Gorrick Cottage, now the base for Wokingham Motorhomes. Then more forest trails.

At the far end of the woods a short footpath across a field. I have missed this path in the past, it offers a slightly different view of the attractive Lucas Hospital, now in private occupation.

From here it was a short walk to Wokingham station where I caught the train back home after a pleasant morning walk.

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