Dave Sergeant

Windsor Long Walk - October 30th 2020

Another walk today, an attempt to get away from the media and have some time by myself. This time the Long Walk in Windsor from the castle down to the Copper Horse on Snow Hill, a statue of George 111. I had done this walk many years ago and although I did a little of it last year I thought I would do it all, around 6 miles round trip.

The day started at Windsor and Eton Riverside station. Although I could have done it on the local bus, or even taken the car, trains are far more frequent than the buses and take the same time at a cost much less than Windsor car parking costs. Windsor itself seemed pretty busy and it seems they have already got some Christmas lights up. Quite a few people heading for the castle as well but the usual long queues outside non existent. Walking through the town I noticed that the museum is locked up and has moved online and the adjacent church only has services once a month.

So here I am at the start, just after 10am. The Long Walk seems remarkably busy for an off season day and the weather not that brilliant, cloudy with a little fine drizzle. The object of my quest, the Copper Horse, is just about visible in the far distance and showed up on a long zoom shot. So let us get on our way.

One third of the way and the walk crosses the main A308 Staines road, a busy little road. There is a pedestrian crossing 200 yards along the road but most of us waited for a suitable gap in the traffic. Why there is not a proper crossing there I don't know, it doesn't look particularly safe. The Copper Horse is starting to look closer and ahead is a fence and gateway into the deer park. No deer seen today, guess it is off season.

So here I am at 11am with the magnificent statue of King George on his horse and a rather worn inscription identifying him. Georgio Tertio, Patrio Optimo, Georgius Rex. The school kids seemed to enjoy the crannies in the stones. I found Snow Hill quite steep and VERY windy but it was also quite exhilarating.

The view back was also superb with the castle now a distant blur. Job done I just had to walk the 2.6 miles back again, then back through Windsor, across the Thames and into Eton where I had lunch at the George and then the train back from the nearby station. Another nice day.

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